How do I deal with my curls being short after the chop?

Hey everyone!I've had long curly hair forever, except when I was 11 and my mum got it all chopped off for summer and I looked like a clown or a cloud!!! It was awful!Since having a baby, my really long thick curls have been tortured by me with constant straightening (every day mostly!) and on the most part without protectant, curling wands and general rubbish care!It's now so broken that it's at least half the length and about 2-3 inches at the bottom don't even curl anymore! :(So I stopped straightening, and I've been really good! Got a satin bonnet, do every other wash with conditioner only etc!But although it's ALOT better, the ends still need to come off! They don't curl and I've not had a trim since November last year! My concern is that with the big chop,My hair will be shoulder length maybe, and curly that might look weird!! I'm scared about how I'll pull it off and will it look like that clown hair I hated as a child? Any advice going into this chop?? It's a big move but I'm booking it tmrw so I can start my regime properly! Also, any tips on a good routines and product recommendations,  to encourage growth and curls to be nice and natural would be appreciated!! :)XxxI've attached 2 pics :) 

1 Answer

Healthy hair is the best hair so just keep reminding yourself that as you go through the process. Clowns and clouds are poofy so I'm assuming your hair looked poofy when you were younger, just use something with anti frizz to keep it down. Maybe you could use perm rods and flexi rods to style it and make your hair less frizzy.