i did the big chop and not sure what to do next. what products should i use ? my hair type is coily.

7 month without relaxer some heat damage .coliy hair.

3 Answers

i've answered this questions a few times. you can also read about it in detail in my blog ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com
Short ? Add a little all natural styling gel ... twist it with the gel , let it dry and take it out , apply moisturiser leave it in because that gives your hair body and fullness and it will look wonderful !! 
Since you big chopped, you should look into Twa or short hairstyles. There are a lot of videos on YouTube with product recommendations. Look into curl definers and gel for stylers. The porosity and density of your hair is more of an indicator of what products to use. Since you mentioned heat damage, try a protein (or a protein loaded) deep treatment at least once a month. Deep condition at least once a week (or whenever you use a shampoo). I'd start with Cantu or SheaMoisture.