I hate it

I got a tapered into remove my damaged ends and I hate it. The stylist got cut happy now I feel like I have no hair. I wish someone talked me out of doing it. What can I do to make myself look "normal"? Would raids be possible on this short hair?

2 Answers

I actually think this looks great on you. If you want to jazz it up you can definitely dye your tips or define your curls. You can finger coil your hair with gel or do small perm rod sets. TWAs have endless potential IMO lol.You could definitely get box braids and protective style, your hair is long enough to catch. Where it isn't long enough you can gel it down or even get a design cut like I'm the very back.That being said, don't be too hasty. If you just got your cut it will take time to grow on you. Well, it can take time. You may hate it now but it's in "shock" so to speak from being cut so take at least 3 weeks to a month to try to care for it before putting it through a braided protective style. If you're used to lengthy hair or even medium length hair, a hair cut especially this short will shock not just your hair but also your mind and emotions lol. Give it some time but yes you can definitely protective style with that length. *Random Side Note*: it could naWT be me in a scissor happy stylists chair. I can not stand "professionals" that follow their vision more than the customers when you are paying. I get that we really don't always know what's best for our hair but length and how short it will be isn't one of those things. You are better than me because if I felt Unhappy enough about it I would get my money back or a free protective style or something Lol.Anyway I hope this helps :)!
This may not answer your question but I love your haircut.