i have 2c/3a hair. pixie cut? or no? i want one like Cristina's (the editor)

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Hi Madison! This is Cristina and first of all, I am so flattered that you want my haircut! That is so cool. Judging by your profile photo your curl pattern is tighter than mine (I'm a Type 2C) but your curls do look looser at the root so the cut can probably work for you. It looks like we also have a similar face shape :)I will say that when I wake up in the morning my hair sticks out in all directions, so I'm not able to just wake up and go with this haircut. I have to rewet it and style it so that it behaves. If I blow dry it straight I can wake up and go without doing much to it for at least a few days. It only takes me 5-10 minutes to blow dry all my hair straight, which is great! But my point is, if you're the type of person who doesn't like to do anything to their hair in the morning then this haircut might not be the best idea. The back and sides in particular might need training to lay down flat, my hair in those areas stuck straight out once it was cut. What worked best for me was using bobby pins to try and pin the hair close to my head in the morning while it dried and then I would just remove the bobby pins before I left the house. (It was too short to use a flat iron).For the top, longer section of hair I just put a tiny amount of curl cream in and let it air dry - that part's easy! If any curls are sticking out I just pin them down til they dry.I really love this haircut and I haven't regretted getting it even for a second! I hope this info helped you make your decision. Best,Cristina
I think it would look really cute! Honestly, I haven't seen a pixie cut that I didn't like. It's such a cool style that really brings out the prettiest features on people's faces. 
Hi! We have similar curls I think - although you might have a little tighter of a curl pattern, but it's kinda hard to tell with tiny photos! :)I have longer hair now, but I had many short cuts for probably about two or three years (and loved them all!) I really didn't find it hard to maintain short haircuts - I got into the CG method because I was growing my hair out and realized I had no idea how to care for my curly hair properly (lots of unfortunate hair moments from my youth... but we won't get into that!) It's been just over 2 years since my last REALLY short haircut, but I still have some products under the sink (yeah, I know) from back then. They are both considered "fiber gum" products - I got Osis+ Thrill Fiber Gum from my hair stylist and I think I used that the most, but I also bought Garnier Fructis Style Fiber Gum Putty (honestly I can't remember if I liked this one or not, but worth a shot I guess!). Since this was from my pre-CG days, you might want to double check ingredients to make sure they fit your hair needs, but I didn't notice any bad side effects. As for styling, I think my normal procedure was to wash, air dry (get dressed, brush teeth, etc - the beauty of short cuts is the drying time feels like NOTHING in comparison!) and then get a small (seriously, didn't take much) amount of product in my hands, rub together and smooth over my hair. With the short hair cuts that I had bangs or side bangs this is when product could help to kind of form the pattern and make your hair go where you want it to stay. That said, I know there were definitely days I didn't use product and I still had cute hair without any fuss. I washed/rinsed my hair most days so I'm not sure about 2nd day hair tips and such, but my hair usually looked fine the next morning - you probably just need to monitor product build up. I think 2nd day hair probably wasn't an issue for me, because my hair held up (looked the same) or would just lie flatter - just like 2nd day curls in long hair are less intense in my longer hair now. Hope this helps! Love Cristina's cut as well! Most of my short cuts probably had a little short of a bang/side bang than what she has (ending closer to top part of the ear rather than cheek), which might be part of reason for our variations in styling experiences - plus you know, not having the same head of hair ;-)Sorry for the explosion of information that is this post... but I LOVE short hair cuts, so I wanted to provide you with anything that might be useful for you! Best of luck!