I have huge 3b to 3c curls with major heat and wear-tear damage,FRIZZ, chop off or grow?

So my hair is a mixture of 3b to 3c medium 2'' to 10'' hair. It is HUGE, my dad calls it a lions mane gone wrong.Now it is medium to high density and medium to coarse in width.Not sure about porosity though.My hair is so damaged, like the front pieces are hardly curling and then rest just frizzes out of control.If let it dry and tie a pony, you can see the mess on both sides of my face, like 10cm out each side. I love it when It seems to be tamed,but that is like 2 days in a year if I am lucky!From the root, about 4cm is healthy curls (including a huge amount of new hair and broken hair which adds to my frizzy mess). I have been growing it for a long time now and it just does not seem to get better with treatment and grows at a snails pace it seems. I understand that my studies may cause stress that could add to the problem, but damn i wish i could just wear it natural and not worry that 30 people behind wont see pass my hair or eat my hair or just stare in disgust.Another problem other than frizz is that some of the sections DO NOT CURL, just looks like dents or puffy unstructured frizz.Should I grow it out or jut chop it off, I'm in South Africa and beach days are just about 2 months away, I wear Hijab most of the time so covering up my little bits wont be a problem, but I want to know if it would benefit me to cut it all off to the healthy section and just grow it out from there, or should I brave the mess and trim often?I hardly straighten my hair, occasionally blow it dry by just hovering the dryer over my hair with my finger running through.HELP ME!I use Elvive 5 oils shampoo and conditioner with an Olive oil heat protection serum. Treat my hair with a mixture of Castor oil, coconut oil ad Olive oil or i Just use a coconut cream mask or an egg and henna mask.Sometimes i run coconut oil through my hair after a wash with some olive serum too. I use a wide tooth comb too.Cut it off or let it grow? And if I cut it, should I cut it wet or dry, most hair dressers suggest relaxing, but that seems to damage my hair more than ever.Please help me.My picture won't load.

1 Answer

stay away from heat as much as possible don't blow dry or do a relaxer on your hair it will just make it worse and if i were you i would chop it off to make it easier and less stresstful for me but you don't have to do that if you don't want to , try doing protein treatments like hair mayonnaise cause if you have high porosity protein treatments is your friend just don't over do it tho use it once a month it depends on your hair and how it responds to the treatment , and try an intense deep conditioner maybe it will help , it's best to cut it dry