I really love it...it's literally a fro!!I've never seen my natural hair before! It's looks so healthy and it's beyond soft! I'm just curious of what my hair type may be?? I know it might be to soon but the curls are loose and soft and I'm just curious lol THATS CONDITIONER BTW!!

4 Answers

I'd say a medium density 4b! Congratulations mama 
First CONGRATS ON GOING NATURALL! Haha anyways...Well it is a little hard to tell. Your hair could be a 4a 4b mix, but like you said you just cut it so your hair might still be in shock and the curls might not look all defined at first. Don't worry girl your curls will pop soon! Lol
I don't know whether it's too early or not because some hair takes time to adjust, but hair typing is supposed to be done on a dry "wash and go" style. That being said, from what I can see, I guess I'd agree with itstaylorsmith.
I agree with domicurls as far as sometimes it takes time to adjust. She's also right about dry hair. I would try a wash and go or just make sure your hair is moisturized and FULLY dry for a better answer. It's really hard to tell what it really is when it's wet because water elongates the hair naturally.