I just big chopped and I'm wondering what are some good products to use to define my curls.

3 Answers

Shea Moisture. 
For curl definition the first step is moisture. Moisturized curls, under non extreme circumstances, will clump together. Even with product they'll be more likely to form coily/curly clusters. Next for a product that has medium to firm hold yet soft to the touch, I personally would say CURLS Goddess Curls. I use it and definitely prefer it over any other hair gel, mousses, holding products.
hi I just did an second big chop I wanted to now how long will it take before I see the moisture in my hair I been doing deep conditioners and try not to wet my hair too much for wash and go's and I usually put the product on my hair when its dry will that my hair I usually wait two days to wet my hair again. if you have any tips on what I should do please do I have 3c type hair.