I just cut off all my permed ends I have about a 2-3" fro, any styling tips,definition tips?

Hair is really coily, but i want more curl definition, no gel slicks my hair down either, any suggestions? How long would a fro of 2-3 inches take to grow out generally?

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Bantu KnotsKinky twistFlat twistor Updo protective hairstyles such as braids work find tooand to slick the hair down Eco's Olive Oil Geil is good but i use natural African Shea butter to hold my hair down and it works fine.Using coconut oil and Shea Butter when twisting hair up and leaving the product in until morning makes a more define curl that will last for a couple of days
Thanks for the tips I will be getting braids on Saturday, Having a tough time adjusting to the new length and im tired of the twa. I think the B/C stunned me.
I second @Fancyvale. Those are some good ways to get curl definition. I haven't had any gel work to slick my hair down by itself. If I want laid down edges I need to tie it down with a scarf and let in dry preferably overnight. About "growing it out": what length are you trying to get to? On average you could get about half an inch per month or close to 6 inches in a year. I think I got around 5 inches in a year when I was growing my hair out (with trims and breakage), but this will be different for everyone.Braids are a good way to let your hair grow, but make sure they are not pulling out hair at your edges and causing thinning. Don't keep them in too long (6 weeks is long enough, 4 is better) or pull your hair back or put it up too much while in braids. This can add more stress and strain to the root of your hair and pull your hair out. Whenever you get braids make sure that whoever does it doesn't add too much extension hair to each piece if you are using extensions. You don't want it weighing down your hair too much eventually and pulling it out. I speak from the experience of losing hair to braids. It can slow down your hair growth plan by causing breakage, so take care of your hair, even while its in braids. Moisturize daily with a water based moisturizer (it doesn't have to be a spray, but those can be easier to apply). If you have a good daily moisturizer or hair milk/leave-in conditioner you like to use, you can turn it into a spray by putting some in an empty spray bottle and adding water. Shake to mix. Do a little at a time 2-3 days amount of moisturizer so it doesn't spoil if its a natural product. Also, be gentle and detangle carefully before washing when you take the braids out. This will help you to retain as much length as possible.I hope that helps!