How do I make my 3A/3B hair less poofy? I cut it 6 inches from chemical damage but now it's poofy!

I'm 12 years old and I have 2C/3A/3B hair that was up to my waist which I loved! But I dip dyed my ends about 5 inches and I hated it so I cut it up to 5 inches below my shoulder. I put my hair in braids and when I take them out, my hair looks so nice but after 1 hour or so it gets so poofy I can't even... I look like a broom!! 

1 Answer

Has your hair always been 'poofy'? Is it possible that that is just your natural texture of hair? Next time you wash your hair, do a deep condition and see what your hair looks like. If 'poof' still remains, that's your hair my friend! Braids make a wave in the hair, but once moisture from the air hits your hair, your natural texture will be revealed. water reveals all. It's possible that chemical damage altered your texture and you got used to your damaged hair's look. You natural hair could be something else entirely. You may just have to get used to it.