do I have medium porosity hair?

now.  my past life, I have had my hair texlaxed and permed but in the longrun it got damaged and made my hair high porosity, which as in before my hair was medium porosity,  my hair was frizzy, rough, dull, and lifeless, couldn't hold styles, and Everytime my hair held moisture it went back out. I just did a big chop over like a week ago, but I didn't get rid of all the hair, but I had beeswax(pomade) buildup on my hair and I tried washing my hair, but and it wouldn't come off but half of it did, so I pressed my hair out and bumped some curls into my short TWA, and my hair got real silky but I could also finally find the other damaged hair I couldn't find when I first cut it off, my hair, I finally cut the last hair off and my hair felt so much better, my hair has been holding a press with no product over the past 3 days, my hair is actually holding moisture by itself, and keeping it at that, and it's holding a press really well. after you cut the damaged high porosity hair, is your  medium porosity hair back? how can you get it back? even after you cut the high porosity hair off the medium porosity's hair still not there? my hair has been medium porosity for most of my life before I got my hair texlaxed and permed. does my hair right now with just a press sound like medium porosity or high porosity still? can your hair change back to its old porosity after the bad hair is off?

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