I NEED to do a BC (Hair damage) but I'm only 13 & my mom won't let me What should I do?

I already cut most of m hair but I only have cut most of the damaged hair. And most of that was in the bottom back of my hair . For now I just use bobby pin to hide it.but when i whee it down it just looks horrible. I dont know   What to do because 90% of my hair is not damaged . And what hair cut has the bottoming and the top long. Plz help.  If you wanna see my predicament I will post a picture soon.      

3 Answers

just cut it off. Hair grows back quick its your hair you if you feel insecure about how your hair looks and it can be fixed fix it. Damage hair isn't healthy and once you big chop become more educated on how to take care of your hair after that. I'm not a professional but I'm just giving u my advice
Talk it over with your mother. Tell her why you want to cut your hair, you might be able to convince her. Show her videos on Youtube of persons who did the big C. If she doesn't listen at first, just try again and again! 
Don't cut your hair if your mother told you not to, respect your mother, that is the first thing.  Why did you cut it that way in the first place? Its not the end of the world, consider yourself as in transition. Focus in caring for your hair as it is, moisturising it and keeping it growing healthy. Check videos on youtube and learn how to style what you have. When your mother sees your commitment she will understand you and let you cut it.