I nvr relaxed my hair only flat iron, by starting a healthy routine will that revive w/o doin the BC

1 Answer

Unfortunately, damage done by a flat-iron cannot be reversed. Although with a healthy hair regimen, you might get a little curl back, in order to see your natural curl pattern return, you will inevitably have to chop the damaged ends off. If you're hesitant about chopping for whatever reason, you can choose to wait and grow your hair out further, and then chop once it's at a length where you're more comfortable. But the only way to fully restore your curls is, sadly, to BC. Just a personal addition: I flat-ironed my hair for years as well, so I know the feeling of wanting to find every alternative before BC'ing. I promise you that, although it's scary, when you start to see your curls growing out and they're healthy, it's a wonderful feeling that really cancels out much of the nervousness that comes with the chop!