Should I get a pixie cut?

hi! I have very thick 3a/3b hair and was thinking of getting a pixie cut. My biggest problem with that is that I have a round face, a big forehead, and lots of acne. I've always thought I looked much like a boy (more like an old man) and it doesn't help that my voice is a little deeper too. What Do you think?  (I have a picture below to show kinda how my face looks, please ignore the fact that I look 12, also my hair doesn't look very curly right now and that's only because it has been in a tight bun all day) Thank you! 

1 Answer

I love pixie cuts! I have a ton of 3B curls and I really really love mine. I ended up getting one on impulse a few years ago and kept if for about 2 years. Then I started growing it out and ended up missing it and chopping my hair again when it got to my shoulders. A few things to keep in mind, there are a lot of different kinds of pixie cuts and sometimes it takes a couple tries to find the exact right cut that will make you happy so if you're not thrilled with the first cut after playing with it a few days go back and have them try again! I had my hair long in front, then I went short in the back and sides and long in front, then short all over, and I settles on short on one side and long on the other with a side part. I would not suggest cutting your bangs super short right in the beginning because those SUCK to grow out and it might be too much of a shock right away. Plus its fun to have some long pieces to play with. I can make my hair look like a super cute updo if I pin my bangs back right, thats one of the perks of having short curly hair. Do research on different looks, pixie cuts with long bangs, curly pixie cuts etc. You have to dig to find ACTUAL curly hair and not just 'curled' hair but there are pictures out there to help you get a feel of what you want. Also, be warned, pixie cuts are REALLY awkward to grow out. There are a lot of weird in between stages that can be weird to work with when you're growing it out and it lasts a good year before you'll reach chin length again. Do some research on that and figure out how you will handle that before you do the big chop. I used a lot of headbands, hair scarfs and clips for a while while the sides of my hair were growing out and I kept the back trimmed to the nape of my neck until the front and sides were all chin length so that I didn't get a mullet effect. Also know that when your hair is short you have to get your hair trimmed/cut much more often to keep it how you like it. For me, I spend as much or more on trims as I save on using less product to style my hair so bear that in mind too. I definitely think you could rock a pixie and they can be super cute and confidence building for sure. I also have a big forehead a deeper voice and I was worried short hair would make me feel masculine, thats part of why I did it, because I realized I didn't want to rely on the length of my hair to feel pretty, its just hair. It grows back! Plus once I think about doing something its only a matter of time until I do it. I just don't want you to get any surprises if you decide to go for it. If you cut your hair short you can't just snap your fingers and have long hair again. I hope this helps you!