Am I ready?

I have been transitioning for 16 going on 17 months. I feel as if I am ready to big chop, but when I brought it up to my mom she said I would have to ask my hair stylist. Now, my hair stylist and mom aren't the greatest supporters when it comes to me being natural, but I feel as if I shouldn't have to ask my hair stylist if it is my hair. 

1 Answer

You're completely right. You shouldn't have to include your stylist in the decision to go natural or not. The question is, do you trust them to do your hair/big chop if they're really that unsupportive of your - especially so much so that they'd voice their opinion on it (which is pretty unprofessional, if you ask me, if it's not based on actual health and just their preference).  You, ideally, shouldn't have to take your mom's opinion on it because it's your life and your hair BUT I do understand why you'd care about her opinion....she is your mother. Now, I imagine that the reason you'd want to go to the hair stylist is so that they can give your hair a shape when they do it? That fact that they're not supportive might mean they don't actually know how to deal very well with natural hair and so it would be inconvenient to them.... it which case, them doing the cut doesn't seem ideal. If you're ready, and if I were you, I'd cut off my own relax ends (that way you also already get to see what you're working with - maybe you don't even need it shaped!) and then go to the hair stylist, if needed. If you do cut your own hair, make sure to use hair cutting scissors, not house scissors!