i have a really huge forehead and my head is really round. people tease me all the time

well i did my big chop like i had so much heat damage i shaved off most of my hair and people looked at me like there was something wrong with me laughting at me. Calling me names saying i look like a boy.

4 Answers

Im sorry. People are mean. Later on your hair will be georgeous and they will be jealous. For now just rock shorter hair and have fun with it! I can tell u it will get better. 
Some people suck! There's nothing wrong with a big forehead -pats my own- and some people are so bratty about girls having short hair, just rock it girl! I like using little clips to bump my bangs or roll them back in a little half up do. Hair scarves are super cute in short hair, I get complements all the time on mine (I have a super curly pixie cut that I am just starting to grow out, think pinup girl style). They have cute little bows at target, you can also get little clips there cheaply. Honestly, I was so self conscious when I chopped my hair, take some time and go look up curly pixie cuts on pinterest or something, there are a ton of cute ones and it really boosts your confidence and gives you styling ideas!
Don't even listen to the people who make fun of you, because when your hair is healthy and beautiful they are going to be the ones upset :) Just be patient and do some research about how to style short hair (look at some you tube tutorials). Invest in lots of hair bands and scarves. Your hair will grow :) Good Luck and stay strong and patient :) 
short hair is beautiful and so easy to maintain .. if you have really curly hair try using stlying gels . Just add a little after a really good shampoo and conditioner and youll be gorgeous as you are . And dont let hair define who you are beautiful you are beautiful. Good luck !