I recently (3 months ago) big chopped and my hair has not grown out at all. How can I grow it fast.

5 Answers

Well, the average growth rate is 1/2 an inch per month.  If you aren't seeing length retention, then it might be the case that you aren't properly taking care of your ends.  If they are split, you should trim them, and you should be sure to seal them with some type of oil.  "Baby" those ends, as some might say.
I read that hair goes through growth phases. Maybe your hair is in its resting phase. It says that resting lasts a few months.
i know when I Big Chop it took a while for me to believe that my hair was growing. It was like one week I could only do a wash and go then the next I can do a two strand twist without them coming out. Just have patience and you will see growth. Then you will wish for your hair to be shorter. 
Scalp massage brings blood circulation to scalp which increases hair growth. You should massage with an oil, that way the hairs will grow out moisturized and pretty
Get yourself some pre-natal or hair/skin/nail vitamins, increase your water/veggie/fruit intake, & avoid sugar/complex carbs/processed foods/caffeine as much as possible. That will boost your growth, but like Xhexania said, take care of your ends! Hair length isn't just about growth, it's about maintain what you already have as well. If you currently have a bunch of split ends, go get a trim & pamper your newly trimmed end; you will start seeing results!