I recently did a big chop and it seems like my curl pattern has chd. Is this normal?ange

I did my big chop in the summer of 2014. Then I did another big chop somewhere in the August/September time frame. Now its seems like my hair is around the same length but my curls are so much tighter. My hair doesn't even reach my shoulders, but before it did. I am so confused. 

1 Answer

Don't worry it's normal. When cutting your hair shorter, you take off some weight from the curls,making them tighter. Also cutting your hair may make your hair thicker and more voluminous. The next time you cut your hair, take into account the shrinkage;  for example I have 3b curls and if I want my hair to reach my shoulder when it is curly, I need to have it cut approx. 2-3 inches longer than that, aka my collarbone. Hope this helps.