Will I ever recover from heat damage?!

i have heat damage and got my big chop at the end of july and i just feel like giving up and going bald! I will not use heat because i hate it and i dont want any set backs in my hair journey ( kinda not giving up). Any tips for heat damage? My mother keeps telling me parts of my hair still dont look curly and its making me feel like my hair will never come back

2 Answers

It may be that the stylist did not cut all the straight hair, it happened to me also, I have some parts that I can see curly and then straight hair. You don't have to go bald, just cut it as much as needed to have all your curls. Just don't think about it and cut it :)
You can give it a month or two of intensive care as I like to call it haha.Basically deep condition once or twice a week be moisturizing that hair nursing it back to health however heat damage especially in extreme cases is irreversible so you mau need a second chop to get it all off your hair will love you for it mine did.