How can I style my Afro when doing sports?

Hi!! I recently big chopped my hair (2 days ago). I had been transitioning for 7 months but I have quite a big Afro!! I participate in a sport where I have to wear a helmet (cycling helmet) and I'm wondering how I can style my hair in a way that protects my hair but also allows me to wear my helmet comfortably (at the moment it is hard to squish my Afro down!!) P.s my hair is too short to do a ponytail or bun 

1 Answer

Hey Karexo,Congrats on the big chop and welcome to a common problem for natural haired women. How to tone down the greatness of our hair under hats and helmets!  The easiest way to do so is flat twisting or putting hair in cornrows while you are cycling so your hair will fit under your helmet.  You can easily flat twist and i have a video below on flat twisting on short natural hair.You can even try two-strand twists which would look amazing on your hair and be a  lasting protective style that will keep you from worrying about your hair after working out or cycling. Make sure your helmet is not harming your hair as I rock a Loc Soc under any helmet or hat to protect my strands just like I do when sleeping. Let me know if this helps!Best,Sabrina