i want to go from relaxed hair to natural hair can i do that without the cutting my hair off

2 Answers

sure, it's called transitioning but later u'll still have to cut off your relaxed ends. so simply stop relaxing your hair. Google transitioning to natural hair
when i decided not to relax my hair anymore , i wore my hair in braids. Try stimulating your scalp with conditioners that have peppermint oil or any chance you get to massage your scalp. this helps with hair growth. deep condition your hair once every week. you might have to invest in perm rods or start twisting your hair every night to work with some curl while doing your routine. and when finding a routine thats a trial and error process but for now i would look up some products for transitioning hair. Maybe going on youtube could help get better instruction on dealing with transitioning to natural hair. at the end of the day you have to be patient about it and try to get your hair healthy again and once your hair is healthy, your hair grows, and when your hair grows your relaxer will grow out and when your relaxer grows out, your on the right track to having a scalp full of pretty curls! i dont know if this helps but i hope it gave you some sort of idea on what to do. believe me i know what it feels like to be impatient about your hair not being the way you want it to be.