i'm 14 &.i want to.big.chop my.family dosen't like the idea?

well i use.to straightwn my hair alot but now i just want to embrace my curly hair and habe my hair healthy so i told my parents that i want to big chop and my dad was like you can dream on they don't understand how i feel & they all are makimg fun of me cuz i want to big chop and my hair will be short ps like i said im 14...

3 Answers

Hi Shahida, Big chopping is an option especially when you're tired of trying to style heat damaged ends which don't blend with your natural hair. But going to a shorter length can be an adjustment. Perhaps explain to your parent(s) that your hair is unhealthy and a hair cut is a good way of getting your hair to be well again. Perhaps consult people who've done the BC online and get their advice. Personally, I transitioned and even that was an adjustment for my family and I'm nearly 22! So a change in our appearance can be a big deal at any age, even if it shouldn't be. Next time a coment is made, just say that whether you choose to BC or not, it won't matter in the end. It's hair and it will grow back, just like it has always done.
i say go for it,but first talk it out with your family members first and tell them why you want to cut your hair and why they should let you
It might also help to either send pics of your hair to an editor and ask if it looks damaged, or try and get your parents to take you to a natural salon for an opinion. If you get a professional ti recommend you Big Chop and start fresh for more healthy hair,  your parents might be more apt to listen.