I'm big chopping today and I don't know what to do after I do it!! Any tips or suggestions???

I've been transiting for about a year now and I have quite the length currently but when I big chop today I know it will be a twa and I'm fine with that I just have no clue how I would style it for school or what to do after I chop?? Helpp lol

1 Answer

First and foremost congraaaaaaaatttttsssssssssssssss LOL. Congrats on your courage to begin again and enter this roller coaster ride. Now that that's out the way, it depends on exactly how short your hair will be. The products you use will depend on the type of hair you have and what youre trying to do with it.Here's what i suggest: Begin slow. Slow as possible.You will need:- Bobby Pins- Tshirt- Oil of your choice (you DONT have to go out and buy crap, if you have olive oil in your kitchen you'll be fine)- Sulfate free shampoo- Conditioner- Leave In Conditioner- Detangling comb ooor just use your fingers thats what I do, those are free just saying lol.- A silk scarf or bonnet- PATIENCEThese are the things that should set you up in the right path. STYLING YOUR HAIR- LOC Method: after you wash and condition your hair, LOC. Leave-in conditioner 1st, Oil second, Cream last. If you want to add gel to define your hair, add it last. If your gel leaves white stuff add a serum or oil again last. TADA- You can wear your hair in a wash and go form. You can google TWAS or watch youtube videos to get ideas. There's perm rods, bantu knots, w&go, dying it if you like, side part and more.- Here are some Ideaaas.- Here's some MORE ideaaas lol.- Here's a video of ideas.STYLING TOOLS YOU MAY WANT- perm rods- small rollers- pick or comb to part your hair- banana clip- hair ties or rubber bandsI hope this helps and if you have any more questions youre free to ask :)! xo