I'm doing the big chop soon, I've decided to go to a barber. Is there anything I should do before?

I'm doing the big chop soon. I've decided to go to a barber. Is there anything i need to do to my hair before going? Should he cut my hair wet or dry? This is my first time having a really short haircut so idk if i should go to the salon or barber. i will upload a pic below.  Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

no theres nothing you really gotta do I mean you can have your hair nice and clean better to have it dry cuz they r used to cutting it that way. and enjoy the barber shop it  is a lot less stressful than being in the hair salon. IF they arent ghetto!!! That is!!! Just a few tips make sure they do not cut above your ear too high actually just tell them to leave it alone otherwise you'll end up looking like a  man also do not let them touch the front of your hairline keep your original hair line the only thing they r  supposed to really touch is your overall space and the back of your head and really that's it you don't want to come out looking like a dude.