I'm finally cutting my hair after growing it out for 3 years,How should I cut it?

I've been growing out my hair for 3 years now. But im finally deciding to cut t because its very damaged,and has a lot of split ends. Before growing it out I used heat on it almost every day and I have colored it about 6 times. Including some bleaching. After I decided to grow it out I started embracing my curls and I now only use heat for really special occasions. I'm cutting about 2-3 inches.Besides cutting my ends I also want to do something new. Any recommendations? I have 2C type hair.

3 Answers

you'r hair is about mid mid back (if you take the middle of the back than the middle again) no? maybe try some long layers. And it sounds like you've been mean t your hair :( deep condition deep condition deep condition! Also I suggest you buy a pair of hair shears from walgreens or something and cut split ends individually (after you get your cut) this will minimise your tangles. 
It'd be great to see a picture! You probably should find a curl expert stylist. Check here to find one. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons/
I've been seeing some really cute lobs (long bobs) and I think waves would really compliment that cut. Here's some cut inspiration for looser waves:http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/wavy-hair-type-2/the-10-best-cuts-for-curly-hair/