How can I get my hair back curly after a Brazilian blowout?

Hi I'm Bri, mixed with black and white. A couple of months ago I got a Brazilian blowout thinking that it would help tame my hair and now I think I made the biggest mistake in my life. I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to hair and I didn't know any better.  I was told the blowout would eventually wear out after numerous washes and now about 5 months later my hair is still straight and I have almost no curls.  My hair looks so dry and damaged it's embarrassing.  I can't do anything with my hair and I really hate to have to cut it. I was told since I bleached the bottom to do an ombre look it would have to be cut.  Is there any other option or can anyone help me get my curls back please? Below is a before and after picture the red/brown hair is when my curls were nice and the ombre is now. Thanks so much

1 Answer

I had my hair chemically straightened for three years before I decided to wear my hair curly. Now my voluminous 3a/3b curls has morphed into dreary 2a/2b/2c with some 3a locks. Biggest mistake I ever made as it appears that my texture has permanently changed no matter what I do. Sadly I would suggest that you chop off the damaged parts and start with intense conditioning treatments. I'm sure with time you will get some of your curls back. I know you don't want to do a chop but ask yourself if you'd prefer long damaged hair or shorter hair that is lovely and curly that will eventually grow longer. Good luck and be brave!