I'm not sure if what hair type I got. Do you think I can do a Pixie?

I tried a long bob like the pictures i posted. I want to try the pixie. And I'm scared it will not look good on me. I'm not sure if I'm a 2b or a 2c. Hmmmm. The roots seems straight especially after putting it in a ponytail. The ends would go curly like what's shown in the other picture. I always wanted to have a pixie but scared to do so. 

2 Answers

You think your hair is 2c hair? No way! It's 2a. Now although 2a hair generally gets straighter as it gets shorter, some can 2as can became 2bs if they go a lot shorter. So depending on how short the cut will be, you will either have straight hair (if it's a really short pixie) or sorta wavy hair (if it's a longer one). Either way I think that you'd look really cute in one!
Hi Yengsison, Did you take our quiz yet? You can take it to find out what your hair type is. http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/?#quizIn your photos you look like you have 2b hair. It's wavy at the bottom and straight at the top. Because of this, if you get a pixie cut your hair will be straight. If that's fine with you, I say go for it! A pixie cut will look very cute on you. Here are some suggestions for your face shape: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/best-short-hairstyles-face-shape/p106502/page4