im thinking about big chopping because i think have heat damage ,so should i?

so hello ! ive had natural hair all my life. When i entered middle school i discovered the flat iron(mind you ive never straightened my hair or knew it could be) Then i realized i could straighten my hair and man did i think flat irons were magical. Then i started to notice changes in my hair but i didn't pay much attention.Over the course of 4 years i kept consecutively  straightening  my hair. I forgot to mention i didnt use much heat protectant . I would also cut my ends sometimes. Either way fast forward now i haven't been using heat for 6 months going on 7 now mainly because i miss my curls. But my hair has changed alot since then. Im naturally a 4a and 3c. but now the front of my hair for some reason retains its curl pattern when wet but when i dry it and comb it out or gel it down it becomes this straightesh blow dryish texture. Then a good portion of the middle of my hair is super puffy and wavy. Then the back of my hair is my natural hair texture.

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