I've been wanting the big chop for months, I'm 15.

When I was younger, I had those beautiful mixed girl curls, you know, the ones where if you flat ironed your hair it was in the lower of your back, but mom would give me relaxers. One day I went to my dads and my step mother gave me a perm, me being so young, I didn't know what that was going to do to my hair. After that, It all went down hill. My hair started falling out slowly and im lucky to even get it to grow because it's so damaged. Everytime I would go somewhere to get it done, they would be like, "you have white girl roots and black girl hair" , I never understood that. It's  barely at my shoulders now and my true texture never came back... I've always been afraid to flat iron my hair because I've always wanted to start over but i don't know if I should. The Big Chop or just start cutting ends? 

1 Answer

Hi!!! I wanna start by saying that I admire your consideration of the big chop at such a young age. Given the circumstances and condition of your hair , I would personally go with a big chop. I once had severely damaged ends when my hair was relaxed and attempting to hold on to length and gradually cut away the damaged ends was tiring and tedious. Honestly, it's much easier, in my perspective, to completely get rid of the damage and allow hair to grow in a healthy environment free of damage.