What is the kindest and most effective way to break up with my hair stylist so I can big chop?

I have been really wanting to big chop my hair for a while now. Its been almost three years since I stopped getting a relaxer, but my hair has suffered heat damage throughout the years from my hair stylist. I'm only 16, but I know for sure of my love for curly hair. Please, please help me figure out ways to tell my stylist that I want to start wearing my hair curly and stop going to her. We've become close over the years and I don't want to be harsh. Thanks so much :)

1 Answer

Hey,I wouldn't feel too bad about telling your hair stylist that you want to try something different. Especially if she's causing damage to your hair. In all honesty, you don't HAVE to tell her anything. You can just go to another stylist in your area, one that deals with natural hair and start new.But its very kind of you to want to say something to her. Maybe call the salon to talk to her. Tell her that you've noticed that her styling has caused heat damage to your hair over the years and you'd like to try something different. Thank her for her services and that you'd hope to use her again in the future (even though you might not). Remember that its your hair, your life and you can do what ever you want with it.