Do layers increase curls?

so I'm getting my hair cut it just about touches my ass, it is damaged quite a bit. I want to start my transitioning period to get my hair natural curls back. Should I get a dramatic cut with or without layers? Do layers increase curls? Also what Shea moisture products should I buy? 

2 Answers

I'd say go big or go home. That's my philosophy! Cutting layers doesn't nessecarily increase the curls, but it does make it appear as if you have more volume (a lot more hair than you actually have!) If you want to be bold, go for the "with layers" haircut!As for the Shea Moisture products, it doesn't really matter what products you buy. They're all amazing! However, I would very highly recommend their conditioner. It's perfect for if your going through a transitioning process or you just want to keep your hair moisturized!Hope this helped,Danielle 
cutting your hair gives it body and texture . The shorter you cut it , the bigger the volume . Cutting it shorter increase the volume especially if you get a really great conditioner or highlight .. Do it !!