longer pixie cut with long side fringe/bang with my hair type and large face shape, could it work?

i think I have 2c hair but I'm not at all sure, my hair has thinned dramatically due to a side effect of my migraine medication and I've been advised to steer clear of heat styling tools/hair dye and excessive pulling (trying to straighten it with a round brush) ):I now don't know what to do with my hair and its is driving me crazy! I usually end up wearing it in a bun now so I was thinking that giving it a fresh start by chopping it off! Just might be my best bet. However, nobody has ever cut my hair shorter than a bob.. and my biggest fears are that I will walk out of the salon in tears looking like a French poodle or a boy ): I have a large face aka a big head as well and need some advice or suggestions desperately, so here I am. Thanks in advance (: I added some pics, the first is of me and the others are of what I seem to be drawn to.. even though they appear straighter than my own hair ):

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