Man up and Cut it or wait?

Okay, so throughout 8th grade I got my own straightener. I began to straighten my hair every WEEKEND! I did not know about heat damage, so I had no clue that I was harming my hair. I started to notice these straight ends towards the end of school (2 months ago). I've been seeing all these curly heads over social media making me want to have my curly hair back. My hair is DAMAGED and some has broken off on one side! I transitioned for about 8 months. One side of my head is a bit short and then it gets long with straight pieces from the heat. The other side is long and curls but some waves are there. Should I just man up and cut it off or wait. School starts in about a month so maybe I'd have some growth? I'm tired of always having my hair in a bun and cannot to do a simple wash and go! If you think I should just cut it, please leave some haircuts which you seem to like on curly heads!

1 Answer

I straightened my hair everyday for about 3 years and the damage is so real. I did the big chop only because I got tired of applying my product and detangling the heat damaged hair for two reasons 1) it honestly wasn't getting any healthier no matter what I did to it and 2) it wasn't making my hair look any better. If I was in your position I'd cut it, but it's up to you.