Why do naturals call haircuts on their natural hair "big chops" instead of just a haircut?

I've been natural since 2004ish and recently started noticing more naturals calling subsequent haircuts, post initial cut to get rid of relaxed/chemically treated hair, "big chops" and I always found it curious. Why not just call it a haircut? I thought the term "big chop" was to identify the process of cutting off a significant amount of hair to remove the chemically treated portion.

1 Answer

Some people call it a big chop when they're cutting off a significant amount of hair whether it's relaxed or not, but if you're confused by people on Youtube who do it, it's usually just because transitioners or people looking for inspiration tend to look up big chop videos so some youtubers try and trick viewers into watching their videos by titling it "Big Chop."