Need some advice on cutting my hair (3b type/thick)

I am thinking about cutting my hair but I am not sure if it is the best idea yet. I have very thick, coil curly hair and prone to frizz no matter the weather. I want a change and haven't "cut" my hair in probably 20 years (since the 90's when short hair was the thing...however it turned out to be a huge mistake and ended up with a red afro). I have been using gel and to keep my hair tamed over the years and I was always told that weight will help decrease the frizz and fullness, however, I think I need a change since I have had the same style for nearly 2 decades. I have been looking at different pictures online and think I found a style I like but I'm not sure if the way my hair is that it will actually work. I am going to attach a pic of myself and then another with the style I am looking at (the one of me is a selfie shot). Thanks in advance for the help. 

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