Need encouragement to shave my head - 3a/3b hair that is thinning.

Any of my fellow curlies have thinning hair and buzz it all off? I've had a pixie cut before a few times, but never a buzzcut. I've been considering it a lot, but am worried I will look unattractive. Furthermore, will the fact that I have thin hair affect how my buzzcut looks? It's not terribly thin, but you can see my scalp from certain angles when I wear it naturally. Words of advice greatly appreciated!

1 Answer

i had hair loss and i really wanted to shave my head but my mom won't let me and plus i was too scared , my advice is don't shave your hair just start taking care of it i know it feels really bad to see your hair falling like that but you'll get over it , organic wheat germ oil really helped me with my hair loss and coconut oil but i don't use it too much cause it's a thick oil maybe once or twice a month that's it , protein treatments will add strength to your hair (egg protein treatment, hair mayo from ORS) use it once a month or once every 2 months , good luck