Is this normal, what's my hair type?

So I just bc'ed about a week and a half ago, so less than 2 weeks, and my hair is dry and hardly curls. It curls around the sides and very front very easily when I wrap my finger around it. However, the middle and the back is just straight then turns into frizzy poof. It's somewhat curly when it's wet but dry it's just frizz poof unless I finger coil it. I'm thinking maybe it's just in shock because my hair was coily springs before I big chopped. The stylist cut my hair shorter to make a kind of tapered style which left the back choppy looking. I've done the lco method to moisturizer my hair with tressemme conditioner, Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and olive oil and coconut oil mix and it's seemed to help. Just wondering if you guys think my hair will curl as it grows or gets used to the cut or if I'm just not a curly girl. Also if someone can help determine my hair type? I'm thinking maybe 3c/4a. P.s the longer hair in the front has relaxed ends still and I created the wavy pattern with a twist out.

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