oily scalp with dry hair...i recently bc'd what can i do?

 also if anyone could help with type/texture advice  much appreciated ! I discovered i have an oily scalp (especially  around  the edges) and use a medicated herbal  shampoo. I cowash every  day and only use Giovanni deep moisture conditioner  as a leave in or camille rose butter. But i only need a little  of each or it makes my hair hard! But i do not know what to do for the dryness! Coconut oil just sits on my hair. It is soft but super dry! Im getting  jojoba oil to mix with aloe vera (which also makes my hair hard when used alone) and tea tree oil which i practically apply every day for my scalp issues...what recipes  or products help?p.sline in the back of my hair is from a silk doo-rag!xoxo 

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