Pixie on 3b hair

if I were to get a pixie cut like the images below would it be ugly and frizzy? The red head in 2 of the pictures is me and the other 2 are what how if want it cut. Is it too risky to cut my hair???!!

2 Answers

Take it step by step. Cut your hair into a certain length like neck length length. See if you like it go shorter. If  you like it cut it into a pixie. if you don't like it grow your hair out. Remember pixies do grow out so you will have to trim them every now and then
From your photos, we have really similar hair, so I'll share my experiences... I like my hair best in either a super short pixie or really long, longer than yours. I don't think it behaves well for me at that between-neck-and-shoulder length. So don't be afraid to just do the chop, if you want to go short. I had the cut similar to your second photo (the Pinterest side view) for a long time, and a shorter version as well. With 3B curls I found it was best to have the longest pieces around my face but wear the back about an inch shorter than the photo because my hair grows super fast and the back wouldn't stay nice after a couple weeks. If your hair grows slowly, that's not as critical. When I got bored with it I would have it cut into a Halle Berry pixie, then let it grow out a little again.This is also a good cut if you've wanted to experiment with hair color, but felt like it was too big of a commitment on long hair. With a short cut you can try a color, and grow it out and cut it off in a few months and try something new. No lasting damage or trying to dye over it needed; it's just gone.Pixies (long or short) are low daily maintenance, but high upkeep... you will need to get to the shop every 4 weeks to keep it looking right. You'll also probably need to switch up your products... I have a "short hair" and a "long hair" pile and there's almost no overlap. A quality wax or pomade will make life good. Give it a go! The first time I chopped it all off, I wondered why I waited so long. And the second time, and the third time... <3