Would a pixie cut with my kind of hair look good? 2c/3a not sure which one, probably both.

hello! Just needed opinions! My haircut is like a bob style cut and I would like to go shorter. I originally wanted the pixie cut, but went with the bob look a like to see if I even like my hair being that short. I LOVED it! Soo next time I may actually do it, but I need to know what you guys think! Also, not 100% sure what my hair type is, so a little help on that would be nice to! :DEXAMPLE PHOTOS OF ME AND EXAMPLES OF IDEAS

1 Answer

First off, you look like a 3B to me! Also I have short hair too and I love it! I've never gone for the pixie cut though because I know it wouldn't suit my face very well. You seem to really want it so I think you should get it! I'm not sure how the curls will form but to be on the safe side make sure you use curl defining products! You should also look on this website to find other 3Bs with pixie cuts to see their experiences!Good luck and I hope this helped!!