Hi, I am Taylor and I am curious to know if I can rock a pixie cut! I have 2a to 2b hair naturally. But my hair is very dry due to heat products. My hair is now half straight, half wavy, half curly. Not good looking what so ever. So I am trying to think of I cut I can work. Like a pixie. I love edgy and somewhat long pixies that i can do lots of styles with. But with my hair type, will it be ugly? Or what? I am not really worried about the dryness becauss that would all be cut off. But the wavy/ curly parts. My hair at the moment goes a bit past my shoulders. When I was younger, it went down to my butt and the curls were more of soft waves due to the weight i guess. But once I cut it to Bob length it curled a lot more. More defined waves I should say. And i ruined it. So now, I am looking for that second chance! My face is oval shaped, my hair is light blonde, and I have big, blue eyes. Would a pixie cut work? Here is a pic of me with straightened hair because thats all I use to do. :p

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Heres the pic!