Pixie cut or no pixie cut?

Everyone seems to be asking if they should get a pixie cut or not, but no one ever seems to say if they actually did or not or how it looked. I have 3b hair that is really, really frizzy. It's fairly long at the moment  and it's in pretty bad condition. Could a pixie cut work with frizzy 3b hair? All the curls and little shorter frizzy bits in particular seem to start right near the roots of my hair. Have people had success with this sort of thing before?

2 Answers

I've seen pixies on 3bs and they looked super cute, especially when they're really defined with lots of hard-hold gel. The great thing is that if you don't like it, you can grow it out!
I had a pixie cut as a child, and my advice would be that you have to keep up with getting it cut in order to avoid having it bush out as it grows.  Good luckSYbyl