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Hello Again...I have big chopped twice which is my last time doing it... I will NEVER go back to relaxed hair...(still kicking myself from returning once; my hair would be so much longer now but lesson learned). So, I didn't wait this time because I was ready to get the relaxed hair off this time quickly...Patience is a virtue with natural hair.. Time is also needed when deciding to grow your natural hair out..I love the natural curls and all the products that my hair love..(yep, sort of a product junkie but my staples will always be Shea Moisture (Raw Shea butter line, and strengthen/grow line), Giovanni, As I am, Eden (some of their products), and Trader Joe's tea tree..Below are pics of my fade (Aug. 29, '15) and now (Oct. '15). My hair grows so fast in its natural state...Loving it...Take Care Natural Girlies..

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Hello akopearl! As a newbie here, your will and patience inspires me! Love your BC confidence. Please, urdate us with your healthy hair development
I see we love the same products :-)