Severely heat damaged hair. should I do the big chop?

I began my transition 10 months ago from just straightening all the time. My hair is so damaged I cant even tell what type of hair I have. I want to know if I should give it time, do the big chop or just trim it?

2 Answers

I would recommend the BC, 10 months its good enough. Its not worth the amount of hair you lose while transitioning. Also, by having it short it will be easier for you to adapt to the hair and discover the routine ideal to you.
I would say it depends on what you are ready for  10 months of growth might get you a few inches if the damage began at a distinctive time period.  Wash your hair and look at the difference in hair texture, see if you can live with letting it all go. If you cannot, then get a trim and wait patiently.  If you can live with it BC it girl, what are you waiting on?!  Best wishes.