Shaving my head bald!

Hey girls (and boys)! Im totally new to caring for my hair! I have spent my entire adult life dying, relaxing and gluing in extensions (monthly.....GASP) so i have decided to go natural! Just wanted to know if anyone has started their journey from NOTHING and what products/routine they did until growth came through?? I dont even fully know my own hair type :(  I'm mixed Jamaican and white xx

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Hello Karrina!I'm so glad you've decided to go natural! I started from a pretty low cut, like 1/2 an inch or so. Your routine at that point can be really simple. You can wash like every other day, but its not necessary to wash too much unless your hair feels dirty or you get build up from using gels or pomades. Those products didn't work on my hair because of my super tight 4C coils, but you might have a looser curl pattern and you might like the smoothed look you could get from using a gel even on super short hair. But if its short enough, you may just prefer to just stick to keeping it moisturized. Moisturizing, even at this stage, is important if you are going to grow your hair out because this hair is what will be your ends, which can get very dry and damaged simply because its the oldest part of your hair. So, do quick deep conditioners every other wash or conditioner-wash or at least once a week. Use a leave-in conditioner whose first ingredient is water and doesn't have paraffin-liquidim, mineral oil or petrolatum. Then seal with a real oil or butter that doesn't have the above ingredients either. Doing a big chop is a good experience but transitioning also has its benefits especially if you want to grow your hair out as opposed to keeping it short. It can help prepare you as you learn to style your hair in "natural-friendly" hair styles. You will start to see your natural hair come out and learn how to care for it little by little. Here are some links that might help:Big Chop TipsThe TWA Survival Guide10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural HairHow to go Natural Without the Big ChopIf you have more questions please continue to ask me and I'd be happy to try my best to help find an answer :)I wish you the best on your journey!
If your hair is cut super short (1 inch or less) there's no need to go into pre-pooing and all of that, but it is good to start as soon as possible if you are transitioning. Deep conditioner is usually thick and creamy and can be done after cleansing and is rinsed out before leave-in is applied. This is more detailed info: You could switch up one deep conditioner per week with a pre-poo, meaning you pre-poo once a week. Pre-poos are especially good if you are going to use a shampoo or clarifying product that removes build-up but also may remove some much needed natural oils in your hair. I've heard about the inversion method also, but haven't tried it, but I think you can only do it like once a month. It's worth a try! Make sure you drink lots of water while taking MSM and biotin, they might have caused me to break out on my face :( Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo is one of my fav moisturizing shampoos, but you can also choose to co-wash most of the time. About co-washing:
Good to know you're ready to embrace the World of Curls :). Look up 'Shameless Maya' on youtube she used to have lovely curly hair but buzzed it all off! It looks so practical and cute and requires low maintenance. Here is her updated hair routine- my opinion I say go for it and don't take any negative comments to deep. Good luck :D