Should I cut my hair into a longer pixie cut if I have a rounder, larger face?

I have 2B styled hair, and its about collar bone length. But I have a very rounded, I almost want to say rectangular head. Does the pixie only work on people with smaller faces?? (I had one when i was like 12 but it sucked because who styled hair at 12) but having long hair in a bun everyday gives me head aches! help!

2 Answers

How about a bob, instead? I bet that would look good with your face shape. 
I recently got a pixie cut (I have 2C hair) and I would TOTALLY recommend going for it! I haven't regretted it even once. My face is very round when I smile and I was a little worried that I would look young when I cut it, but it hasn't been an issue and you'll never really know til you just do it. I'd recommend working with your face shape by contouring (using bronzer/contour powder) just below your cheekbone and to emphasize your jaw line. That's what I do!