Starting Fresh ?

I've Been Natural For Almost A Year And Lately I've Been Having Some Difficulties That Have Completely Broken, Bent, And Destroyed My Confidence . For One Thing My Sister Gave My Heat Damage . Severe Heat Damage All Along The Back Of My Hair To They Point I Have About An Inch Of Healthy Hair On Each Group Of Strands (If That Makes Sense) And There's A Little In Yhe Fromt As Well . So I Tried Crochet Braids To Transition And What Do You Know ? When I Took Them Out (Only Had Them For A Month) The Shedding Was HORRENDOUS . It's Was Scary And I Was So Confused Because My Shed Hairs Almost Felt Like Permed Hairs , And I Am Completely Natural . So Now I'm At My Wits End . I Feel That Maybe It Would Be Better To Just Cut It Off And Start Fresh . Ooh And I Also Probably Have Color Damage And I've Bleached My Hair Twice . In All Honesty My Hairs Been Through Hell And Back And I Don't Know At All What To Do . Maybe It's Time To Just Start From The Beginning And Really Repair My Hair . However I Have No Idea Where To Start And That's Where Your Answers Come In :)

1 Answer

Hello! :) I'm sorry to hear about your heat damage! I  have heat damage in front of my hair, and I'm trying to grow it out. I think the best way to do it, is moisturize your hair and protective style. Since you said the crochet braids gave you shedding, maybe you can style your natural hair, even if it is heat damaged. You can try a wash n go, or braid out(this will blend your hair well). Also, as your hair grows, you can chop of the heat damaged ends. I hope this helps and good luck!