Straight ends after cutting off damaged hair?

so about a month ago I decided to cut off my damaged, straight ends of my hair. What's bothering me is that I still have straight ends in the front layers. My stylist said she couldn't cut anymore. I can just pin most of it back and wear it curly, but is there a solution for this? What should I do about this? Also can someone help me figure out my hair type? It's has tight waves in the back, loose waves in the front, and a ringlety underlayer. That would probably be somewhere around 2c, right? Thank you for the help!

1 Answer

If you still have straight hair in the front, it is more than likely the remaining damaged hair. Your stylist probably cut as much hair as she could to help you retain length for styling. Otherwise, you would have had to cut off all of your hair very short to get rid of it at once. The solution is to continue to trim the front of your hair little by little until the straight hair is completely gone.Hair typing is tricky, and it sounds like you are dealing with a case of genetics. What I mean is, your hair is not consistently one texture or curl pattern. It is difficult to give you an accurate answer regarding your hair type without seeing or touching your hair. Based on the description you provided about your hair, you have 3 different curl patterns. You probably have a combination of 2c, 3a and 3b hair. The hair in the front is tricky because you stated it is still straight. Once you completely cut that hair off you will have a clearer idea of the hair pattern and texture in that section of your hair. I encourage you to visit a professional stylist in your area who can provide you with a more accurate analysis of your hair type.