Style Suggestions ASAP! (2C / 3A)

My hair is somewhere in the 2C / 3A realm, and I've got a hair appointment tomorrow. I'm really looking for something short and professional, but that won't make me look any younger than I do. Additionally, I want to be able to diffuse it & not have to pin any hair back or anything to make it look like a hairstyle (my hair has significantly less volume at the crown). I wear it up in a bun 99% of the time, because otherwise I feel like it just lays there. I wish I could have something wild and poofy, but I don't know if my curl type will support that. Suggestions?

1 Answer

I would say do an "asymmetrical curly bob", also called a "foundation cut". Here's a link to some NaturallyCurly members who have gotten this cut (including myself!)