Not sure what my hair type is

Hi, im soon to be a senior in highschool, and i started transitioning to natural in august and i just did my big chop three weeks ago. I read that you will not know your hair type until after you go natural, and even though i cut off the relaxed ends, my hair doesn't seem to have a curl in some areas. Some parts of my hair (nape and edges) has a defined s shaped curl i would say, and the rest of my hair is basically just straight with some parts being the circumference of a pencil . When my hair is dry it doesn't have a defined curl pattern at all, but when its moisturized it curls a little bit. Do think i might be 3b 3c mixture, or maybe 3c 4a? And does type 3 hair need more length to curl? Oh and one more thing lol, i was born with bone straight hair and it was like that until i was a year old. In the pictures of me from then to the age two three and four(she put kiddie relaxers in my hair when i was 5) , my mom always kept my hair twisted so i never really got a chance to see how loose my curls were, but i wanted to know if its common for baby's born with straight hair to grow up with loose curly hair ?

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I will be a senior in High School next year as well, lol hey girl!Anywho, you may still have scab hair growing out of your head. Scab hair is hair that still may have been affected by your relaxers and grows out and THEN your natural hair starts really growing. Your hair more than likely will be a mix of textures, as you have probably observed. Looser curls may have to grow some length to show a "curl"-- my hair was like this. I have 4a hair near the top and 3c in the lower back. The back of my hair just used to sort of be frizzy and the curls would disappear until it grew a bit longer. My hair has a bit of a "S" look to it in some spots, and some ringlets here and there so you may have 3b/c hair.Defined/clumped curls are usually a sign of moisture, so if your hair seems frizzy/patternless it may be time to wash/moisturize. So keep that in mind as well.Yes, it is very common for babies to be born with straight hair. Most of that hair falls off anyway or as their hair grows out it becomes quite curly. My youngest sister was born with straight-like hair, and she's 7 now and has 3c/4a hair like me. Since your big chop was so recent, I think you should give your hair a bit more time to grow out and really see what it likes. Try some products here and there, find out what it likes and doesn't likes. I think trying some stylers will really allow you to see your exact hair type. But keep in mind, it may not be just one!Good Luck!