How to telling your parents you want to cut off permed hair?

Hello, I am new to the site and wanted to find a place to talk about my hair, specifically how unhappy I am with it.For as long as I can remember I have been getting my hair permed regularly ( I am 19 btw). My hair has always been shoulder length and I have come to realize after many years of going to the hair salon ( and the post perm scalp burns), I want to go natural to finally see something I have only been able to see in a handful of baby photos which is my natural hair.My mother is biracial with permed hair and she has extremely long hair and is an advocate of permed hair because she says it makes your hair more manageable and looks extremely long. When I first expressed to my mother that I wanted to go natural after getting an extremely painful touchup (extreme burns), she told me that my natural hair was "very fine and soft" and that combing through it would result in major hair loss and keeping my hair permed was the solution for that. She also told me that with my hair texture ( the one i don't know of because I have never seen it natural) is one that is "better permed". The problem is my hair has been the same length forever and at the back of my head, I feel like what should be hair in that location is nothing but straggly baby hair that are breaking off.I have become extremely saddened by this whole ordeal and I wanted some advice on explaining to my mom my unhappiness and finally taking the first steps to finally seeing the hair I was born with.Thank you for any advice Hills

2 Answers

i would tell them everything you just said. Be honest about how you feel. And ultimately youre 19. Youre an adult. Im sure they will understand its your head of hair and will love you either way. Good luck!!!
I was 19 when I first went natural and had the same torn circumstance with my immediate family and others close to me. You have to think about what will be best for you; what is it that you truly want. There is no law in the natural hair world that says people with fine and soft textured curls cannot have voluminous head turning curls. Natural hair is great for its ability to be manipulated to do achieve different styles. I'm a strong believer that any head of natural hair can be managed it takes time and practice. I had relaxers in my hair from age 5-19 and I was told my hair was too thick to not have a relaxer for manageability. It wasn't until I a) got tired of spending money on relaxers, b) got tired of changing myself for others opinions, and c) got tired of not feeling like myself.You'll get to a point in your natural hair journey where the naysayers will look to your for advice. You won't full understand the possibilities of your natural hair until you step out of your comfort zone. YOU GOT THIS!